Intel Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender Employees

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Intel GLBTE (the Intel Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender Employees) is an Intel-chartered Employee Group, and exists to provide a forum for Intel employees in affirmation of Intel's commitment to equality, diversity and making Intel a great place to work.

Ratified by membership 7/21/93
Sanctioned by Intel 12/22/94


Intel GLBTE welcomes all employees interested in issues surrounding Intel GLBTE's charter as stated above. We have established ourselves as a sanctioned Intel employee group with a slate of officers, approved bylaws, and regularly scheduled corporate-wide and site-specific meetings.

Intel GLBTE's meetings and activities are focused on many aspects of outreach and education for the purposes of employee networking, breaking isolation and providing support in the work environment, and working with the company to promote Intel Values and address areas covered by our charter.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender employees of Intel may at times feel a tremendous sense of isolation and disconnectedness associated with the work environment. GLBT employees are usually "in the closet" in various ways, and thus neither feel an accepted part of the Intel family nor feel they can fully contribute since they are in some sense reserving part of themselves from the work environment. This leads to reduced productivity and a less effectiveness both of the individual and the team. Intel ends up the loser by not benefiting from the full diversity of its workforce.

Intel GLBTE seeks to assist its members and the company at large to address these issues and ensure that the most productive environment possible exists for all employees. Being a GLBT employee presents some unique challenges touched upon above, and IGLOBE represents a mechanism for raising the sensitivity to those challenges and bringing the benefits of the GLBT employee perspective to the attention of management, employees, and the company at large.

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